Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy January Days

Many people complain about the snow & cold, but I like it. We are so busy during the summer. Winter is when I get caught up on my paperwork, have the chance to read some of my sheep books, spin, knit, and cook hearty meals.

The sheep like winter too. They barely notice the cold. Hesperis
During the winter, I always try to attend
at least one sheep workshop.

I went to one today, just south of Chicago. The main reason I wanted to attend, was because they had a lab class on Fecal Sample Analysis. We learned how to prepare fecals to look at under a microscope,
then determine what parasite eggs were in them.

I have books outlining the procedure,
but nothing beats a hands on class!

Claire, Charlotte (sisters) & Delphine
Here's a link to the wonderful handout we received:
Other classes were on record keeping, pastures, etc.
A very worthwhile day of learning!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changes, changes...

I'll never part with my Claire
We had the opportunity to sell a large number of ewes to a new dairy farm in Oklahoma. After much debate, I went through our flock, and parted with some of the ewes that weren't on my sales list, as well as all of the ewes on the sales list. I kept all of the bloodlines that I needed, and my very favorite, calm, special ewes. Our sales for 2010 went very well--a BIG thank you to my customers! I love sharing my sheep with you, and am here to help you along for as long as you need it! or even if you don't need it. It's wonderful to build up a camaraderie with other shepherds. We can share our hopes,
dreams, joys and sorrows.

Our flock, with lambs numbered in the 70's this summer. It kept us very busy, moving the electronet fencing daily. Now, we have a mere 16 ewes, with only 12 or 13 bred! It's been a long time since my numbers were that low. I'm really excited though, about our 2011 lambs. With 2 new beautiful rams, plus our Finn as flock sires,
we should have an amazing crop of lambs.
Grendel, our new moorit mouflon ram from The Creeks Edge
Now, I'll be able to buy a few things on my sheep wish list. #1 is a decent stock trailer. #2 is a digital scale
to weigh the sheep. Any other suggestions?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is it Really 2011?

Just yesterday, we were enjoying a long warm fall.
Now its January 2011. What happened?
Belle is back to her old self, barking all night, sleeping all day.

Frosty winter days have been beautiful!

Breeding groups have been set up, and already disbanned.

Thunder SRX 917T --can't wait to see his lambs this spring!
Ewes on a frosty morning.

Another new ram to our farm, Grendle TCE 561W.

Finn & Fable

Some of Thunder's ewes.

Harmony and Snowflake, our Sebastopol goose pet.

Happy New Year
from Red Brick Road Farm!