Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sheep are shorn!

The fall harvest is in--60+ gorgeous fleeces in every color and pattern. Just as I look forward to lambing in the spring, I look forward to the fall shearing of the sheep. I am so grateful to have David Kier come out again to shear. He is so good with the sheep, and so generous with his knowledge. We had some wonderful helpers come out too--thank you, thank you! We could never do it without our helpers. I prepared a lamb stew as well as chicken soup, along with apple pie for dessert. Our fall weather has been so nice, we relaxed on the deck and had a wonderful lunch. Each fleece goes into a box, and stored in my wool house. I am really looking forward to skirting all of these luscious fleeces.
And the cycle begins again, the sheep are in their breeding pens. With two new handsome rams, plus our Finn, we will have our nicest lambs ever this spring.