Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost lambs

In our seven years of raising Icelandic sheep, we've never had any miscarriages or abortions. This year, we've had two, Ellysa and Drea. Summer 08 was very wet, and I'm afraid our hay had just too much mold in it. I tried to sort the hay, but I'm sure they got some, so I feel badly. The girls will feel so sad when lambs start arriving. Shepherding certainly has it's ups and downs.
Fresh snow today. Hopefully the last of the season!


Fern RBR87U, born 5/14/08
Black horned ewe
For Sale $400
Poor Fern! Last born of our 08 lambs didn't get many photos, just like the last born of most families. Here she is with her mama Emily RBR 39T, a yearling ewe. Sire is Echo HMRR917T. Fern was pretty shy last summer, but has warmed up this winter. She should mature into a real beauty. Her fleece has stayed nice and black.


Felicia, RBR80U, born 4/20/08
Black horned twin ewe
For Sale $400
Felicia is a really lovely twin out of a first time yearling ewe. A big girl, nice horns and non-silvering fleece (so far!). Dam is Ella RBR40T and sire is LF114R.


Fiona, RBR 81U, born 4/21/08
White horned ewe
Fiona was born a single out of 11 month old Elodie RBR RBR50T. Sire is Echo HMRR917T. Nice long body, beautiful white fleece, heavy wide horns and a sweet disposition. An easy keeper!


Feta RBR69U, born 4/15/08
Black Scurred twin ewe
Feta grew an incredibly long, heavy fleece as a lamb. She silvered heavily, which added a lot of character to the wool. She will mature into a big ewe, nice long body. She developed tiny scurs this winter. Quiet, friendly disposition. Since we are concentrating on a horned flock, she is for sale. Dam is Dottie RBR30S, sire is Echo HMRR917T.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Flora RBR63U, born 4/10/08
Black spotted badgerface horned ewe

Correct conformation, heavy cottony fleece, a nice little ewe with an interesting pattern. Horns are rather narrow. We didn't breed any of our ewe lambs this year, so she will have another year to mature. Dam is Delilah RBR 28S and sire is Echo HMRR 917T.