Monday, June 28, 2010

Buying rams

I've been on the hunt for new bloodlines to add to our flock. It's been hard to find a proven ram with good horns, fleece, heavy build, milky lines, calm temperament ..... Where are all of the proven rams? No one seems to offer them for sale. Betting on a ram lamb is always a gamble. The genetics can be good, but that is never a guarantee. Those ram lambs can be awfully cute, and quite tempting to buy....

I put a deposit down on a nice looking moorit mouflon yearling ram from The Creeks Edge. Alan Leighton is a very respected breeder, with a beautiful flock. The genetics will be a good fit with out flock, and the color and pattern will be a nice bonus.

I would really love to add another ram or two, and it would be especially nice if we could manage a trade. Our two mature rams are really nice. Wide horns, parasite resistant, muscular build. I'm especially keen on Grady. He's a yearling, but has been growing out exceptionally well. His fleece is rich and black, mild temperament, very long muscular build, wide horns.
Fable, our other mature ram is also a nice boy.... a black mouflon with an easy going temperament, wide horns, nice build.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer storms....

The Midwest has been bombarded with
severe weather this summer. The sheep are always willing to pitch in and clean up the damage. If only we could teach them to run a chainsaw!Large chunks of trees have been torn down, and we've even had trees uprooted! It seems like we have thunderstorm and tornado warnings every other day.
Lots and lots of wind and rain.

Temps are also fluctuating a lot, with high humidity the norm. So far, the sheep seem to be handling it all in stride. We had a sheep work day on Sunday. CDT shots for lambs, and eye checks for everyone (FAMACHA) Very few sheep needed to be dewormed, which was a good thing, considering this weather that we've had.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing like weeds!

Halla RBR140X
The lambs have been growing even faster than the weeds this spring. I've been trying to keep updated photos on our main website As much as I love these lambs, I can't keep them all! If you are looking to add Icelandics to your flock, take a look at our website. The best way to promote and encourage husbandry of these fine sheep is to make them affordable. We try to offer our sheep at reasonable prices, as well as discounts for starter flocks. Helena RBR124XRBR126X
RBR 122X Hildgrim RBR125X
RBR 164X

Herriot 135X

Hosta 127X


Hazel 129X