Thursday, August 28, 2008

Herdsire Finn

Finn--RBR 76U, born 4/20/08
We bought Finn's dam (Abigail SRX 180N) this spring in the Tongue River dispersal. His sire is Superman SRX 867S. He is joining our ram pen, and will have his own group of girls this fall. I can't wait to see what he produces. What a gorgeous ram! His lustrous fleece is so silky and drapes beautifully. Heavy wide horns, and a nice stocky frame underneath all of that wool. The spotting on his face are indicative of the spotting genetics he carries. Finn has a presence that makes him stand out in a crowd. Below, at the fair, he is being shown in the "breeding pen of 3" group. My daughter plans on showing him in the Junior show at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September.


Ezra is a yearling we kept over to see how he'd develop. He is maturing beautifully, with a long deep build, wide elegant horns, great heat & parasite tolerance too. He has an outgoing personality but is not pushy. Our most prolific & milky ewe Stella is his dam and Caesar is his sire. Because his genetics are spread abundantly though out our flock, he is for sale as an unproven ram. All rams sold as "breeding-quality" are guaranteed to produce viable offspring.

Lamb photo below, Summer 2007

More Flock Sires--Echo

Echo came to us last fall from Hawks Mountain Ranch in Oregon. He sired many of our 2008 lambs, lots of dark solid color, plus a few spots. He is maturing into a gorgeous ram, heavy wide horns, thick meaty build, silky abundant fleece. His lamb fleece reminded me so much of our llama's. Bloodlines include Hnykill, Bambi, Morrow, Ari & Biskup. His quiet, reserved nature makes him an easy keeper. We'll be expecting some more beautiful lambs from him in 2009!

More Flock Sires--Espen

For Sale $450

Espen is the yearling son of Caesar and my favorite ewe Charlotte. We used him on a couple of new ewes we purchased late last fall. His lambs are Fleecy, Floyd, Fenton & Fennel. He is for sale, because we are trying to diversify our bloodlines. Heavy, meaty ram with nice fleece and horns that are clearing his face well. He has a very calm demeanor and is easy to work with. My daughter has shown him at our fair for the past 2 years.

Maddie & Espen, showing at our fair.

Hanging out at the fair. It was HOT!

Flock Sires from the past...


You can see the Ari influence on this ram, he's almost a carbon copy! Gorgeous, colorful wool. He is the sire to our Claire & Charlotte.


The very first lamb born on our farm! We bought his dam as a bred ewe (SRX 688K). She was the top colored yearling ewe at Rhinebeck NY in 2001, judged by Gudmundur Johannesson with a score of 81.5. He was a gentle giant. The only daughter in our flock sired by Ashur is Cierra. Asher & Avery were buds.

Caesar--LF RAM B2H 1L

What a great set of horns this ram had. Nice heavy conformation, too. Ari bloodlines. He was bred by Susan Briggs, Tongue River. We only used him one year. He was just a devil during breeding season. I don't like to keep overly aggressive rams. He certainly did produce a lot of nice lambs for us though. Currently in our flock--Ella, Ellyssa, Elodie, Evra, Espen & Ezra, several of these are for sale.

Caesar makes a good poster boy for our Icelandics

Cinnamon Toast (CT)--LF RAM M3H 114R

CT had a very dense, crimpy fleece and heavy musculature. A very calm, laid back ram, even during breeding season. Lots of progeny in our flock--Deidra, Delilah, Delphine, Dottie, Drea, Faith, Fauna, Fancy, Flavia, Flynn & Felicia. Many of these are for sale.