Friday, January 23, 2009


Fennel RBR85U, born 5/7/08
Black horned twin ewe
From the very start, this lamb had the glossiest fleece. It has remained that way, rich and dark with a blueish cast. Conformation is excellent, healthy, and maturing nicely, she'll be a great asset to our flock. Dam is Pippi RTK51P, sire is Espen RBR43T.


Fleecy RBR82U, born 4/24/08
Black Grey horned twin ewe
The crimp and character of this girl's fleece is unbelievable. She is maturing into a very nice solid ewe, meaty and low to the ground like her dam Anna Pam 41M. Her sire is Espen RBR 43T. Shown with mom and brother below.


Freya RBR73U, born 4/18/08
Moorit Badgerface horned ewe
For Sale $400

Freya is a friendly little ewe lamb, beautiful silky fleece with a nice crimp, and correct conformation. She would be an asset to any flock. Dam is Drea RBR31S and sire is Echo HMRR917T.


Fudge RBR74U, born 4/19/08
Moorit Horned Twin Ram

We decided to use Fudge in our breeding program this fall. His fleece is just gorgeous, with a silky crimp, and he has such an exotic look to him. He has the alert leadersheep style of his dam Dalla SRX752S AI. His sire is SRX744S-AI by Rector "Saga" who has an excellent meat conformation. We didn't shear him this fall, so it will be interesting to see how he's filling out this spring once he's sheared. His breeding pen included Deidra, Drea, Delphine and Ella. Can't wait to see his lambs!


Falla RBR75U, born 4/19/08
Black Spotted Horned Twin Ewe

This girl has the alert leadersheep style of her dam Dalla SRX752S AI, but looks to be maturing with a more muscular body type like her sire SRX744S-AI by Rector "Saga" (photo below). Just look at the crimp and sheen in her fleece! We'll look forward to Falla's lambs in 2010.


Fancy RBR 71U, born 4/18/08
Black Mouflon Badgerface Horned Ewe

Nice sturdy conformation on this ewe, growing out well. Good horns, unique fleece pattern, very soft. Calm & friendly girl. Sire is "CT" LF 114R, dam is Cierra RBR 14R. Her twin sister Flavia is for sale.


Folly RBR67U, born 4/14/08
Black Horned Triplet ewe
For Sale $400

Folly was the largest of the triplets, and so much like her dam Stella. She is maturing into a very large ewe who isn't afraid to crack horns with some of the older girls. She would make a fine addition to any one's flock. Excellent conformation, heavy horns. Dam is Stella MAE100M and sire is Echo HMRR917T.


Faye RB65U, born 4/11/08
Black spotted horned twin ewe
Faye has been an easy keeper from the start. Vigorous and fast growing. Her lovely fleece has just started silvering, as so many black fleeces do. Her dam is Delphine RBR 65U and sire is Echo HMRR917T


Felicite RBR 58U, born 4/6/08
Moorit Horned Ewe, Triplet

Beautiful dark cinnamon fleece, sweet personality, a carbon copy of her sister Feronia. I have to read their ear tag to tell them apart! A large ewe, but with a very feminine look. Was raised as a twin, as I grafted her brother onto another ewe. Sire is Echo HMRR 917T, dam is Claire RBR 11R.


Faith RBR 53U, born 3/23/08
Moorit Spotted Horned Twin Ewe
Faith was our first lamb of the season, born on Easter day. Sire is "CT" LF 114R and dam is Deon RBR 36S. I love the spotted sheep with a more solid fleece, and of course those striped horns. Faith has grown out very well, with a beautiful fleece and great conformation. We are not breeding any ewe lambs this year, so they will have the summer to further mature.