Thursday, September 4, 2008


Feronia RBR 59U, born 4/6/08
Moorit Horned Ewe, Triplet
For Sale $400
Beautiful dark cinnamon fleece, sweet personality. A large ewe, but with a very feminine look. Was raised as a twin, as I grafted her brother onto another ewe. Her sister, who is identical in every way, stays on our farm. Sire is Echo HMRR 917T, dam is Claire RBR 11R.


Flavia RBR 72U, born 4/18/08
Moorit Mouflon Badgerface Horned Ewe
For Sale $400

Nice sturdy conformation on this ewe, growing out well. Good horns, unique fleece pattern, very soft. Calm & friendly girl. Sire is "CT" LF 114R, dam is Cierra RBR 14R Her twin sister stays. Lamb photo below.


Fauna RBR 54U, born 3/23/08
Moorit Horned Ewe
For Sale $425
Fauna is a twin ewe born on Easter day. Sire is "CT" LF 114R and dam is Deon RBR 36S. She is maturing beautifully. Nice broad meaty build, heavy nutmeg colored fleece fading to golden tips. A real beauty!