Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow! Snow! and more SNOW!!!

We are still digging out from the recent blizzard.
We ended up with around 15". Very hard to tell though,
with the high winds of 30-50mph.
Chicago is about an hour east of us,
and they had 20+ inches with up to 70 mph winds!
We had
thundersnow during the evening.
Mother Nature showing off her many talents!
Our 4 wheeler with a blade is usually adequate for snow
removal, but not when you have 4 and 5 foot drifts.
The snow is so peaceful. I love winter.
I love our dinner bell up on the top eave of our house.
It is over 100 years old. We still use it.
You can hear it from over a mile away.

The largest drifts were behind our house. It's a real mess between our house, barn, wool house, chicken house, grainery and garages.
Our outhouse!
We even had drifts inside the barn.
The sheep aren't bothered by the snow,
as long as the hay supply keeps coming
and the water buckets don't freeze.
The ewes don't venture too far from the barn
when the snow is deep.
Girlies, waiting for breakfast.
The rams hung out in their "man cave" (trailer)
during the big storm.
Halla, one of the 2 ewe lambs I kept for our
breeding program. She always looks alarmed,
but is really quite friendly.
Stella, following me out in the heavy snow.
Love this wise, calm ewe.
Hesperis, Halla & Gardenia, my beautiful girls.
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