Friday, July 18, 2008


Evra RBR52T, Born 5/13/07 here on our farm

Black Horned Badgerface Ewe

Lambing Record NB

For Sale $450

Evra is Drea's daughter, granddaughter of Stella. We let her grow out this winter instead of putting her into a breeding pen. She is maturing into a nice stocky girl, heavy colorful curly fleece, great horns, cute personality. Has been an easy & carefree ewe. Spinners love the black badger fleeces. Like most of Stella's progeny, a bit on the bossy side! She's for sale.


Esther SRX989T, born 4/28/07 in Missouri
Black horned? ewe
Lambing Record 0
Esther (aka Teresa) is another wild girl that we added to our flock this spring from the Tongue River sale. She was in a breeding pen for most of the winter, so I'm surprised she didn't get bred. She is a very large, nicely conditioned yearling. She has a really pretty face. She was sold as horned, but instead has only what feels like large horn buds. You can't even see them, just looking at her. She should have some really nice lambs next year.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Elodie RBR50T, born 5/13/07 here on our farm

White Horned Ewe

Lambing Record 1

Elodie is one of our largest yearling ewes. She's got it all--muscular build, soft silky fleece, hardy, great mother. She was a wild little lamb last year, but has become quite affectionate as she has matured. Her daughter is just like her--beautiful. She comes from a prolific line, so I'll expect triplets in the future.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ellyssa, RBR47T, born 4/24/07 here on the farm
Black Horned Ewe
Lambing record 1

Ellysa is Delilah's daughter. Her lamb fleece was a buttery soft, silky and non-silvering black with chocolate sun bleached tips. She is developing a nice muscular frame as she is maturing. Great wide, elegant horns, outgoing, and sweet. Poor girl had a terrible time lambing this spring. The lamb's cord was wrapped around it's neck, and broke before we could get it out, so it drowned--a horned moorit ewe lamb. We milked Ellysa for a time this spring. She is my daughter's new "favorite", so will participate in the sheep lead program at the fair this year. Below, Elyssa maturing into a beautiful ewe, July 08.

Update: Here they are, in the Sheep Lead program. Maddie will also show Ellysa at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival in September.


Ella, RBR40T, born 4/6/07 here on our farm
Black Horned Ewe
Lambing record 2

Ella is a twin daughter of Stella. The sun turned the tips of her lamb fleece a warm chocolaty color, but her adult fleece has stayed a nice solid black. As a yearling, she is taller and larger than some of my older ewes. Ella has a confident, independent personality, and is proving to be a very good first time mother with twins. She has a more muscular frame than Stella. Her lambs will both be for sale, since we have so much of these genetics already. Below, is a current photo of Ella, hanging out by our creek on a hot early July day.


Emily, RBR39T, born 4/2/07 here on our farm
Moorit Grey Horned Ewe
Lambing Record 1

Emily is Claire's daughter from a set of '07 triplets. They look so much alike, I have to look at their horns to tell them apart. Emily's fleece is exceptionally lustrous with colors ranging from cream to a greyish taupe to apricot. She should develop a nice muscular frame as she matures. She had a sweet black ewe lamb this spring, and is such a good first time mother. She stamps her feet at the dogs and keeps her lamby close.


Deon, RBR36S, born 6/9/06 here on our farm
Moorit Horned Ewe
Lambing Record NB,2
For Sale $500

Deon is Claire's first lamb. The moorit color is very popular with spinners. Moorit is the English version of the Icelandic word morautt, which describes the reddish-brown color of the peat bogs. Deon had an awesome pair of ewes on Easter day. So nice, that I think I'll keep one of them and sell her! She has nice heavy, SOFT fleece, outgoing friendly personality, dependable mother.


Dalla, SRX752S, born 4/18/06 in Missouri
Black Grey Horned Leaderewe
Lambing record 1,2

Dalla (aka Salsa) is another ewe that we acquired from the Tongue River dispersal. She is an AI ewe, her sire is Icelandic leadersheep Skumur. She is very curious, but wary and quick on her feet. Quite leader-like in appearance. It will fun to see her in full fleece this fall. She has been a protective mother, as expected. Her lambs will join our flock. She may be for sale in 2009. I like to keep ewes that are a bit friendlier. Below, is a photo of Skumur, isn't he handsome?

Dalla updated photo, with fleece! Isn't she lovely? I'm really enjoying this intelligent ewe.


Delphine, RBR32S, born 6/4/06 here on the farm
Moorit Spotted Badgerface Horned Ewe
Lambing Record NB, 2

Delphine is another one of Stella's triplet daughters. Longer bodied than her sister Drea, fleece is abundant and luxurious, heavy milker, friendly, excellent mother. I love her striped horns. Her twins this year are both exceptional. I will have to keep her beautiful daughter, a black ewe with a white blaze on her forehead. Her son is will be for sale.


Drea, RBR31S, born 6/4/06 here on the farm
Moorit Badgerface horned ewe
Lambing record 1,1
For Sale $500

Drea is one of Stella's daughters, a triplet herself. She has a nice square confirmation, perfect wide horns, soft crimpy fleece, an excellent mother, always reliable, friendly personality, both heat & parasite tolerant, too. She is for sale this year, only because we have so many in Stella's line already here, as well as the same badgerface pattern.


Deidra, RBR29S, born 6/1/06 here on our farm
Moorit Grey Badgerface Horned Ewe
Lambing record 1,2

Deidra is Charlotte's daughter. Her fleece is a gorgeous cream color, abundant, with a silky hand. She has a meaty confirmation, milky and is a wonderful mother. I couldn't get near her as a lamb, but she has calmed down considerably, and is very sweet and loving now. Her badger ram lamb is for sale this year.


Delilah, RBR28S, born 4/14/06
Moorit Spotted Badgerface Polled Ewe
Lambing Record 2,2
For Sale $500

Delilah is my daughter Maddie's pet, a quirky, boisterous, fun loving girl (just like Maddie). She has thrown nicely horned lambs. She has gone to the fair and participated in the sheep lead program for the past 2 years. She's a big ewe with a meaty conformation, milky, colorful, curly, soft fleece, and a great mother. She's plenty bossy, but her lack of horns is the thing keeping her back from being top ewe. Delilah's daughter from 07 will have the sheep lead honors this year, so Delilah will be for sale.


Cierra, RBR14R, born 4/5/05 here on our farm
Black Mouflon horned ewe
Lambing record 2,0,2

Cierra is one of Stella's daughters. She's a lot like Stella, but with a heavier bone structure, deep and long bodied. Her fleece has silvered a lot. She is very independent and hardy. Adores being brushed! She is an excellent mother, with twin ewes this year. One stays, one goes.


Charlotte, RBR12R, born 4/5/05 here on our farm
Black Grey Horned ewe
Lambing record 1,3,?

Charlotte, my FAVORITE girl. Claire's twin sister. A carbon copy of Claire, but a black grey. If I could only have one ewe, Charlotte would be it. She loves attention, but isn't annoying. Gorgeous, lavender grey, soft, abundant fleece. Had a difficult time getting bred this winter/spring... "if" she lambs, it won't be until July. It's not looking too promising, though. Maybe she's just taking a year off from her triplets from last year.


Claire, RBR 11R, born 4/5/05 on our farm
Moorit Grey Horned ewe
Lambing Record 1,3,3

Claire, dear Claire--one of our favorite ewes. Her mother Hazel was gorgeous, but not a good mother, so Claire was bottle fed. She has grown out to be a prized ewe, prolific, beautiful fleece, wonderful personality, maternal, milky, well built and muscular. A foundation ewe that we'll keep in our flock for years. She is so dependable. She knows her name, and calls back when I talk to her. We love our Claire-Bear. Triplets again this year!


Pippi (RTK 51P), born 4/22/04 in Michigan
Black Horned Ewe
Lambing Record NB, 2,2,2

Pippi was also new to our farm in the fall of 08. She's a beautiful, well built ewe, with elegant sweeping horns, and bluish cast to her fleece. She is independent, and a bit wary of us, but will come to us for treats. She had twins this year, (200% lambing record) and we'll keep her black ewe, who is so sweet and friendly. She is muscular and athletic.


Anna, PAM 41M, born 5/5/02 in Wisconsin.
Black grey spotted horned ewe
Lambing record NB, 2,1,2,2,2
Anna was new to our farm in the fall of 08. She is short, stocky and muscular. She should be a real asset in adding meatiness to our flock. I haven't seen her in full fleece yet, but she feels softer than the average adult. She twinned this year and we plan on keeping her stocky little daughter. She developed a very bad case of mastitis early this spring. She has been amazingly tough and resilient through weeks and weeks of treatment, and has become quite a pet.


Abigail, SRX180N, born 5/4/03 in Montana
White Horned Ewe
Lambing Record 1,1,2,2,2

Abigail (aka Novelty) came to us this spring, as part of the Tongue River flock dispersal. Wow, is she ever muscular! I am thrilled to add her to our flock. Abigail had some of her shedding winter wool left on her, which we sheared. It was incredibly soft. I can't wait to see her this fall in full fleece. She is fairly calm and friendly , considering that her contact with humans has been minimal. She had two rams sired by SRX867S "Superman" spotted black/grey horned twin ram. We are keeping the white one, and the black one will be for sale. She has been an excellent mother to them.

An updated photo of Abigail, with fleece. It is so unusual, almost all thel with very little tog. My shearer found it similar to a single coated shetland.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Stella (MAE 100M) Born 4/22/02 in Minnesota
Black Mouflon Horned Ewe
Lambing record NB, (not bred), 2,3,3,2,3

Stella has been with us since 2005. I love her mouflon pattern. She is one of our hardest working ewes, with a 260% lambing record. She is a wonderful milker, which produces fast growing lambs. She is tall and deep, and displays many Leadersheep** traits. The leadersheep Blesa was her Great 3X grandmother. Even though Stella's not our largest ewe, she's the head ewe in our flock, and is quick to defend that position when we bring in new sheep. Her lambs are very personable, and bossy, just like her. Most black sheep turn grey as they age, but she has retained her black color well, which is a plus. We have many of her offspring in our flock, so all three of her lambs will be for sale this year, sired by Echo HMRR 917T, from Hawks Mountain in Oregon.

**Icelandic Leadersheep, from Wikipedia--- ...a unique, small population of sheep developed which displayed outstanding abilities to help the farmers and shepherds to manage the flock on pasture, namely the so-called leadersheep Although farming practices have changed and reduced their role, these highly intelligent sheep with special alertness and leadership characteristics still form a population of approximately 1000-1200 sheep within the total national sheep population of just under 500,000.Most of the leadersheep are coloured and horned, even four-horned in a few cases. They have a slender body conformation, long legs and bones generally, yet of lighter weight than other sheep in the flock because they have been selected for intelligence, not for meat traits. Leadersheep are graceful and prominent in the flock, with alertness in the eyes, normally going first out of the sheep-house, looking around in all directions, watching to see if there are dangers in sight and then walking in front of the flock when driven to or from pasture. They may even guard the flock against predators. There are many stories on record about their ability to sense or forecast changes in the weather, refusing to leave the sheep-house before a major snowstorm.