Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lambs, lambs, lambs! Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Most of these photos will enlarge if you click on them!
I've finally got all of the lambs photographed! They have grown so much in the past weeks. These have all been taken within the last few days, and they are in chronological order, oldest (aprox. 10 weeks old) to youngest (6 weeks). I will keep just a few, so many will be for sale. Some will go right to the sales list. Others, I will watch to see how they mature, especially the rams. I will also note how they do with parasites through the summer. So, the list may change from week to week! Keep in mind, that this is just a preview, I will have more information when I list them on my website.
Ilette RBR166Y
These two are my oldest lambs, out of Charlotte by Grendle our new ram from The Creeks Edge. I will be keeping Ilette for sure, she's looking just fabulous, a big, big girl and very friendly. Though they both started out at 7 lb., her brother Ilen has grown much slower. He's about 2/3 the size of her. He's got nice wide horns and great fleece, but won't be suitable for a breeder unless he starts putting on the weight!

Ilex RBR167Y

Ingrahm RBR169Y

These next two moorit spotted lambs will be staying here on the farm, out of Claire by Thunder our new Tongue River ram. Both are just outstanding! I will most likely match Claire and Thunder up again next year. These are the nicest lambs she's produced for us.

Ingrid RBR 170Y

Iren RBR171Y

This white pair is out of Grace (daughter of Charlotte) by Thunder. Iris is for sale, not sure on Iren yet. Wide horns and fabulous fleece.

Iris RBR172Y

Iden RBR173Y

This set is out of Delphine by Grendle. I wouldn't consider Grendle very long, but he has put some great length into the lambs he's produced, along with his thel rich fleece. Iden is for sale, Idalia will most likely stay here and replace her dam.

Idalia RBR174Y

Illias RBR175Y

This set of black grey rams are out of my leadersheep ewe Glimmer. Ilias is a homozygous black grey. Sire is Thunder, so they are looking much meatier than the typical leadersheep. Glimmer has outstanding fleece, so if I don't sell these rams as breeders, they would make great wethers.

Illiad RBR176Y

Ivory RBR177y

This set of white lambs are out of my very milky Fiona, sire is Grendel. Great stocky build, both should mature into excellent triple purpose sheep and should throw color.

Ivan RBR178Y

Ivette RBR179Y

Grettle is the dam of these twin moorit ewes, sire is Thunder. They are a perfectly matched set, Ivette will stay here, her sister Izette is for sale.

Izette RBR180Y

Inego RBR181Y

Fennel is the dam of this pair of white lambs. These are the only lambs out of Finn this year. (I sold a large number of bred ewes). Inez has alot of phaelomenon in her fleece, which gives it a rich antique linen look to it, very pretty. Inez is for sale, depending on his horn growth, Inego may be as well.

Inez RBR182Y

Ivy RBR183Y

These beautiful ewe lambs are out of Garland, sire is Thunder. Ivy will stay here, Iva is for sale.

Iva RBR184Y

Isabelle RBR185Y

I would keep this pair of ewe lambs if I had the room. Both are growing well, extremely friendly, excellent fleeces. If I keep one, it will be Isadore, the solid moorit. Sire is Thunder.

Isadore RBR186Y

Ilex RBR187Y

This last set of rams are real lookers, out of my big ewe Ella, sire is Thunder. They are just 7 weeks old in these photos. They should both mature into heavy meaty rams. Both are for sale.

Ilez RBR188Y


Marie said...

Beautiful lambs!! Did you use something to get there attention to get the pictures? I sat in the pasture the other night trying to get some decent pictures and all they where interested in was eating!

Terri said...

Trying to get their attention away from eating is hard! I mostly just act like a crazy lady out in the pasture with my camera!

JC said...

I've got my eye on a new moorit ram for future... you've got some real lookers in this bunch!

Michelle said...

I am dreaming of a few of these beautiful babies! They are looking very nice.