Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Last of the Lambs

Our final two ewes have lambed! Faye had an adorable set of twin ewes by Thunder on April, 26th, both moorits with lots of flashing, one is also grey and the other may have spotting. I'll have to wait until they mature a bit before I'm sure about the spotting. They were right on target for size, 7 and 8 lb.

Ella had twin rams on April 28th, again, by Thunder, 8.5 and 10 lb. Ella is a big ewe and had no problem with these two. They should mature into really nice flock sires.

Here are Ella's sleepy one day old boys, out enjoying the warm sunshine in the pasture.

One of Faye's ewes, probably only about 3 days old here.

Her sister

Faye's girls are so calm and friendly.

Gardenia's ARE NOT! Catching them is nearly impossible.

A couple of sturdy ram lambs, look at the nice wide chests on these guys!

"If" I keep any rams, it will be this ram out of Claire by Thunder.
Her ewe is equally stunning. Now, that is a match made in heaven,
and will be repeated again next year.

Delphine's ram by Grendel.
He is another "stand out" kind of ram.

Delphine's ewe lamb, her carbon copy. I may keep her and sell Delphine.

LOVE the markings on the ewe out of Gardenia.
She certainly is a shy thing.

Charlotte's moorit grey ram by Grendel.

The days are warming up and the grass is growing. With the end of lambing season, I'm breathing a sigh of relief! No more late night visits out to the barn. Lambs have all made it into this world safely. Ewes and babes are doing well!


Anonymous said...

That is a very good feeling to have all the lambs born! I LOVE the ram lamb that you are thinking about keeping. He is just stunning! How often do you have a brown/black set of twins?

Terri said...

Depending on the sire and dam, a black/moorit (brown) set of twins is not uncommon. That is what makes Icelandics so much fun, all of the color/pattern possibilities!

katiegirl said...

Very nice crop of lambs! Congrats on a successful season!