Friday, April 15, 2011

A Whole Lot of Lambing!

Lots of new adorable lambs here at Red Brick Road Farm! This has been one of our easiest lambing season yet. We do have 2 ewes left to go. Except for one breach (backwards) lamb, the rest have all had normal presentations with quick and easy deliveries. I attribute this mostly to lamb size. Average weight out of 19 lambs has been 7.5 lb., with 6.5 lb. being the smallest, and 9.5 lb. the largest. One set of triplets, the rest twins! Eleven ewes and 8 rams. We should have 4 new additions to add to those numbers by Easter. Gardenia had her first set of lambs, twins, on April 12. Both ewes, by Thunder. Wow, he has really produced some nice lambs for us this year! I'm already planning next year's lambs. Fennel is Gardenia's sister. Her twins, born April 11 are by Finn, our only Finn lambs this year. One ewe and a ram.
Grettle had a sweet set of moorit ewe lambs by Thunder.
Grendle is the sire of Fiona's twin ram and ewe. She has the most impressive udder in our flock. These lambs should grow by leaps and bounds.
Glimmer produced a set of ram lambs by Thunder. One appears to be a homozygous black grey.
Delphine had a sweet ewe that looks just like momma, and a hefty moorit ram. Sire is Grendel.

We've had some beautiful spring days, so I'm getting caught up outside in the gardens as well as capturing lots of great lamb pics. Check back for those soon!

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