Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grace's New Lambs

Our beautiful Grace had her first set of lambs this morning, a 7 lb. ram and a 6 lb. ewe. My husband did a barn check at 6:30 am, and didn't see anything. By 8:00 am, they were born, up and nursing. When I went in to check, Grace's mom Charlotte was in the barn with her. I find it just so endearing the way that the older ewes look after their daughters, and even their granddaughters. So, Grace is a perfect momma, just like I expected. She adores her lambs, nickering to them with her loving momma sheep voice. Her lambs should be really nice, with genetics from their Tongue River sire Thunder, along with Finn and Charlotte mixed up in there. Aren't white lambs adorable?

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Brenda Courtney said...

Yes, white lambs ARE adorable. I'm hoping for at least one this year. Would love for it to be a ram lamb for breeding purposes. Your lambs are adorable!