Friday, March 11, 2011

Goodbye Winter!

Before winter slips away, I thought I'd share a few more photos.
Here is the north pasture, so calm and peaceful in it's blanket of white.
The view right across the road from us. I love our meandering creek.Wandering in the winter wonderland.Our ducks taking a winter swim.Snowflake, our Sebastopol goose who thinks she's a sheep.Elvis, one of our Muscovy drakes.
With a crest like that, how could we name him anything else? A barncat, sunning herself.

Salem, always keeping a watchful eye.
We may have her bred this spring.
We've never had crias born on our farm.
We could use another guardian.

Rams, hanging out. Their job is over for another year.

They are such a handsome group. A few of the ewes, waiting for breakfast.

Our matriarch Stella, wading through the snowdrift.
The days are getting longer. The snow is almost gone.
Lambs will be here any day!!!


Tammy G said...

Wow, can't believe you still have snow on the ground. Pasutures here are slowing starting to turn green. I turned my sheep out on to some green pastue for a little while yesterday... they were soooo happy! Suppose to get blasted by a snow storm this evening.... well see.

I love your ewe Hesperis- she is so cute! I hope I get one marked like her or Glimmer.

Kelly said...

It is amazing how each season looks so beautiful. I remember how green the pasture looks in your summer pics.

Terri said...

Tammy, these photos were taken earlier in the year, but we do have a few drifts left.

Michelle said...

Great shots...beautiful sheep!