Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And so it begins!

Our first lambs of 2011 have arrived! Just as I suspected, Charlotte was the first to go. Her first lamb was a 7 lb. moorit mouflon ewe ! This is the 166th lamb born on our farm, and the very first moorit mouflon.
I may have to keep this one.Lamb #2 was a 7 lb. moorit grey ram. Since his grey pattern is so pronounced, I'm thinking he may be
homozygous for grey. Sire is
Grendel TCE561W
Ewes, admiring the new arrivals.
I thought Charlotte was done lambing, but she surprised me. I went out to check on her later, and she had a lamb stuck, coming out backwards. I quickly helped pull it out, and it wasn't breathing. I tried swinging it, mouth to mouth resuscitation, sticking hay up it's nose, but to no avail. She had inhaled birthing fluids and drowned, poor thing,
an 8 lb. black ewe lamb.

This was Charlotte's third set of triplets in six years!


Barb Dinges said...

Hello Terri! Your new babies are soooo cute. Makes me wish i was there again. I love being there during lambing. So exciting!! Take care of yourself and don't work too hard. Love, Mom

Brian and Renee said...

How exciting and they are all adorable. Can we come next weekend for a visit and help out? Let us know!