Friday, May 14, 2010

Yes, turkeys really are THAT STUPID!

You've heard that turkeys are stupid, well, yes, it's true! We bought these heritage turkeys because they were supposed to be somewhat more intelligent that the modern breeds. I don't know about that. Our hen hatched 8 poults. One died when she decided to live out in the rain last week. I can accept that, survival of the fittest and all of that.
Well! We had thunderstorms blowing through the last couple of days. I figured they'd be OK, in the barn, but no! Momma turkey freaked out sitting on the nest and crushed all but one of her babies! Stupid, stupid momma turkey! Note to self: next year, take away all babies after they are hatched!


Marie said...

Just makes you wonder how they ever survived in the wild.
So sad. Hopefully the one left will be ok.

kenleighacres said...

That is terrible!!! I am so sorry. I had no idea turkeys were so stupid!

I can't believe how much rain you are getting. Our rain has finally stopped and the sun is out :)

Terri said...

Well, this is why I don't get too attached to poultry in general, and why I love my sheep! Poultry = tiny brains= clueless and no will to live! or maybe no clue how to live?

Kelly or Alex said...

Sorry to hear about the turkey loss. It is painful. Maybe a brooder till they get bigger?

Chai Chai said...

I wonder if Turkeys are more intelligent than Guinea Hens? I hope to find out next year when we give turkeys a try!

Terri said...

Hard to say about intelligence and turkeys. They do well on their own, and thrive throughout the cold winters and hot summers. Sadly, not so well in raising their own. They won't be as noisy as guineas, though, so that's good! Everyone that comes to visit loves our tom turkey. He's very showy, and that's the only reason he's alive!