Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

A view from our bedroom window

There is over 4" of water in our rain gauge from just the past two days, and it's still raining! The NW section of our property (the lawn) is on a 100 year flood plane, as in it's apt to flood once ever 100 years. Now that the farmers have tiled all of their fields, it floods once every year (at least!). Well, the good thing is that our house and outbuildings are all up on the hill, so we never have water damage to those.The ducks love it when we have a small lake on the lawn.
My husband always wanted a home on a lake,
and now we do!
Looking out at the bridge


Kelly or Alex said...

We know about rain. We lost last summer to rain and cool temps. Like the lake though. It makes your property value go up, just watch for increased taxes with this development. Thanks for the heads up about rooing (is that a word) our sheep. They will be so happy with us. I hated to post the pics of Emily and Cierra. We feel like we got new sheep and broke them. LOL.

Chai Chai said...

It may be a disaster, but it looks pretty.

Terri said...

The usually subsides in less than a day, so it's not so bad. Our vegetable gardens just south of the house though, they can stay soggy for a long time, which is BAD!

Terri said...

oops, I guess I should read what I wrote before posting! I meant the WATER

Terri said...