Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Lambs

A good lambing day! Pippi had 2 adorable black grey spotted lambs, a ram and a ewe, both with white blazes. I love Pippi's lambs, they are always exceptional. I just wish that Pippi was a calmer ewe. She was born in Michigan, and though a nice ewe, has never calmed down. Her lambs are more mellow, and we have two of her lovely daughters from last year. Sire is Finn. That combination has produced such nice lambs, I'll do it again next year. These lambs weighed in at 8 and 8.5 lb.
Drea had 2 ewe lambs today! A nice black ewe and a black badgerface, sire is Grady. Both weighed 8 lb. Dalla also twinned today, a white ram lamb weighing in at 8.5 lb. and the most beautiful blue grey spotted ewe lamb weighing 8 lb. Sire is Finn. This is a repeat breeding, and I'll probably do it again this year. The lambs are just exceptional.
I also spent a good deal of time in the garden today. Planted kale, collards, Swiss chard, turnip greens, leeks, broccoli, radish, sugar snap peas, and mesclun today. We are typically very wet, so I hope they don't get flooded out. Our rhubarb is up, so I made some yummy rhubarb ginger scones for breakfast.

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Marie said...

What a busy day! Did they all lamb during the day? I just love seeing all the new lambs! I also got some gardening done today. It was a beautiful day here in Kansas. 70 and light wind.