Saturday, April 10, 2010

A busy lambing day!

What a busy day! My daughter has been such a big help to me, I told her we'd go shopping for shoes to go with her prom dress today. My husband was home from his week long business trip, so I hoped he could handle things while we were gone. A quick barn check before we left, and I found Elodie with a white ram lamb and another on the way. She quickly presented a moorit ewe lamb. We jugged them and were set to go. Sire is Echo . Lambs were 6.5 lb. and 8.5 lb.
We were enjoying a lunch at Pannera when my husband called. The granny ewe (Stella) presented a lamb in a water bag, what should he do? Um, rip it open? Then he "thought" it was a ewe but not sure. My daughter fired off a text message, if it has big horn buds and balls, it's a ram! She followed with another ram, so this her her fourth set of triplets! She is always such a wonderful, prolific mother, and has an udder the size of a basketball. There may be some spotting on the legs, I'll have to look closer tomorrow. Sire is Finn. Lambs weighed in a 5.5 lb., 6.5 lb. and 7 lb. We returned from our shopping trip to find Fauna in the barn with a ruptured water bag. She fiddled around forever. Finally, I had my daughter hold her so I could check her dilation, which was not good. I gave her a shot of oxytocin, and she went into labor. Still, not much progress. I checked her again, dilation was good, but a backwards lamb. Ugh. Got him pulled out, and he looks good, a moorit ram. We were really hoping for a moorit or black mouflon, but no such luck. Sire is our black mouflon ram Fable. This ram weighed in at 8.5 lb.
The lambs are all frisky and healthy, so it's been a good day! The sun is shining, and the sheep are all happy. So is the shepherd.

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Kelly or Alex said...

If we every have a backward presentation expect a long distance call. Do you know how much it is to ship a morrit ram to Maine? Please find out for me. I want oneeeeeeeeeee!