Monday, April 12, 2010

Lambs, lambs everywhere!

Found Delilah at 6 am frantically licking off a giant 11 lb. ewe lamb, sadly dead. I'm sure it came out backward and drowned. Poor thing. "If only" I had gotten up an hour earlier. A second ewe lamb followed, almost identical in coloring and weighing 9 lb. That darn Delilah. Such a piggy girl. She is very possessive and proud of her remaining lamb. She's a black spotted badger, with Finn being the sire. Hope she has horns. Delilah is the only true polled ewe in our flock. One of Stella's triplets, a ram
I went a little crazy with lamb photos today. I snapped away until the batteries died on my camera. The lamby cuteness only lasts so long, so I try to take advantage of it!Dalla and her twins, a white ram and a gorgeous and most interestingly colored greyish blue spotted ewe lamb.
Sire is Finn. Pippi's black grey spotted ewe lamb.
I'm feeling pretty irritated at Pippi tonight. She's one of those ewes that won't keep her baby bums clean. They get all yellow and pasty, hard as concrete, and as smelly as can be. I spent part of my evening soaking lamb butts in warm sudsy water, then spraying them with PAM cooking spray. Weird, huh?
The oily spray really helps to keep those bums clean.
Esther's black spotted crazy girlDrea, headed out to pasture with her girlsA close up of Drea's black badgerface ewe. The black badgers have a lot of moorit coloring, but Icelandics can only be one of 2 colors, black or moorit. It really makes for a richly colored fall spinning fleece. Belle loves all of the new lambs.Doesn't she look content?More of Stella's cute triplets.Charlotte's black grey ewe lamb is the calmest,
sweetest girl born this year.Charlotte's other ewe, this cute black grey spotted is so frisky, and is always licking her lips!

Lamb count so far, 12 ewes, 11 rams. Boy, am I tired.


Marie said...

All adorable babies!!!

Stace said...

You have some great colors and patterns!!!! I LOVE the lamb thats licking her lips...too cute!!!