Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seasonal closet changes

Our home is a big old rambling farm home built in the 1800's by a family with 11 kids. The family was quite wealthy, our home is beautiful. I think of them every day, and hope I can live here forever. The closets are larger than most old houses, but still small compared to today's standards. As we change from winter to spring and summer, I exchange the clothes from bins to closets to bins, to be stored once again in the attic. With only two kids, and two adults, why do we have so many clothes? Do we really need them? How did a family of 13 live here with these small closets?
My husband and I have been about the same size for the past 20 years or more. I tend to buy classic style clothes that don't really go out of style, with most of our clothes coming from resale shops. I hate to throw anything away. But, like most women, it's fun to get something new (from the consignment shop!)
The U.S. has such a quest for buying new things. No one seems to be satisfied with what they have. Everyone wants more, more, more. It's scary. No one wants to be responsible for their actions.
And so, we go on with our life. Raising sheep, chickens, ducks, geese... Planting large gardens. Trying to live, season by season.
Or, maybe I'm just cranky from all of this work when I'd rather be outside...

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Kelly or Alex said...

I grew up in Florida. Not much difference from summer to winter clothing. Maybe a light jacket. Now we do the tub thing each season too. It's definitely different. I bought my first down jacket when I moved up north. I too keep clothes till they wear out or I just get plain sick of them. At least the chaning is done and you can be outside again.