Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy Esther

I swear, my ewes are a bunch of practical jokers. They get bored waiting on their lambs to arrive, so they play late night tricks on me. The last two nights, the baby monitor alerted me to the sounds of a ewe in labor. I groggily pulled on my coveralls to check, and find nothing but some sleepy ewes chewing their cud and snickering at me. Hmmm. On the way back in, I heard a lamb baaing, but not in the barn. I look around and there's Crazy Esther, out in the far mucky corner of the barnyard with a lamb! More baaing, and I see another teeny lamb on the other side of the fence! Thank goodness I was there. I got them all settled inside the barn and went to bed.
Crazy Esther had two ewe lambs, just like last year, both with horn buds. The white one weighed in at a mere 4 lb. and her sister at 7.5 lb. Both very active and vigorous. Hurray for Esther!

Fern's little ram

Fancy and her sweet little mouflon ram

Belle loves hanging out in the field with "her" sheep

Napping on a warm sunny spring day.

Blue Siberian Squill

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Kelly or Alex said...

Sweet babies. I love the pic of the lamb asleep in the grass. Belle looks so happy.