Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lamby cuteness!

Ivan, hoping to go out to RUN

After several days of chilly drizzle, the sun began to peak out of the clouds. Everyone had a case of cabin fever.

The ewes loved going out to nibble on grass.

I love watching the new lambs
bouncing alongside their mommas.

They don't eat grass yet, but it sure smells good!Some of the lambs have white "flashing" in their wool. These aren't true spots, and often fade with time. They are good indicators that the lamb carries spotting, though.
Felicite's little moorit grey ram looks like a little old man.
I'll have to get busy working on H names.
Fern's little white ram--sweet!


Marie said...

Oh my gosh I could scroll up and down and look at these babies all day!!! I love Felicite's ram lamb. He looks like a Hobbit. Too bad he won't keep those exact markings.
Ohhhh...... I want them all.....


Farmhand said...

I love your pics, especially the second one. Really idyllic. The fourth is also great.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you aren't stuck in snow and cold anymore! Your lambs are beautiful. Hopefully you start getting some girls. Felicite's ram lamb is my favorite too :)

Terri said...

Marie, I like your hobbit name suggestion. I looked up H names, and my kids picked Hildigrim out for him. I hope I can remember that! He certainly has a lot of character.

Kelly or Alex said...

Terri the pictures are beautiful. Ahh you have green grass! Felicite's ram does look like a little old man. They are all so sweet.

Terri said...

Yes, isn't green grass nice? My camera doesn't know how to photograph it in a natural way. I try to adjust the coloring, but it still looks too green. Or, maybe it's just my winter eyes.