Wednesday, April 7, 2010

and.......ANOTHER BIG RAM!

Fancy surprised us with a big 9 lb. black mouflon ram lamb this late afternoon. My daughter and I had gone into the barn to give Bose to the Tuesday-born lambs, and there he was, all dried off and fed. Fancy is a black mouflon badgerface, which is a double pattern. I love the mouflon pattern, too bad he isn't a she! Sire is Echo.


Kelly or Alex said...

I will tell Echo that he is a daddy. I think this is going to be a ram year! We are still in a holding pattern here. We give Bose when the lambs are first born, do they need a repeat injection? I don't have any recipes for sheep milk soap. I don't see why goat milk and sheep milk cant be interchangable. I will google for any sheep milk recipes. We sold a ram lamb today. They will pick him up in a couple of weeks. He is non registerable. I don't think I like this part either. I want to keep them all!!!! Archer (Finns son) will stay here. He is doing well. I love the lamb races in the afternoon. We need more sheep. Oh, did that really come out of my mouth? I wish we lived closer. Can you stick a ewe lamb in a box and ship her UPS? Best wishes for ewe lambs.

Terri said...

We gave the bose shots the 2nd day, just because we were too busy on the day they were born. I ALWAYS take time to do the iodine dip, then deworm the ewe the first day, though. I do give bose shots throughout the summer, up to once per month, on those that I think need it (mostly lambs).
I ordered a book on soap making. It seems like I've learned everything that way, through books, and the wonders of the internet!
I agree, I think you need more sheep, too! They are quite addictive!