Friday, April 9, 2010

Charlotte lambs!

My dear Charlotte had 2 gorgeous ewe lambs this afternoon! I always look forward to her lambs, they are always nice. I wish I had 10 more Charlotte's in my flock! She had a big black grey ewe weighing in at 9 lb. and a black grey spotted ewe weighing 7.5 lb. Echo is their sire.

Charlotte is such a hippo of a girl, I thought surely she had another in there. Especially when she produced a big water bag after the 2nd lamb. But no, just the two, and that's a good thing. Triplets are always more of a challenge, though fun, and they certainly do increase your flock size in a hurry.

The little black grey spotted ewe looks a lot like her Grandpa Avery! I can't wait to see how she matures.
(Live) Lamb count, 4 rams, 4 ewes!


kenleighacres said...

Yay for more twin girls! Avery is such a handsome boy.

Kelly or Alex said...

I get sheep envy every time I visit your site.;)