Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another big ram!

Doesn't Felicite look pleased with herself?
A quick barn check, and Felicite was in the corner, moaning and groaning. I took a peek, and it looked to be another big lamb, but at least the hooves were coming out the right way. Pulling lambs is hard. I hate to be too brutal. Sometimes it feels like you are going to pull the legs right off the poor lamb! First think I do, is lube mom up good with Ivory dish soap. I manually try to get her vulva stretched out. Using washcloths to pull gives you a better grip than paper towels. Still, not quite good enough. Those lambs are so slippery! So tonight, I tried something new. I put a heavy rubber band around each leg. It worked like a charm! Now, rubber bands will be added to my lambing kit.

Felicite is so happy with her new little boy. Finn is the sire.
Those horn buds are huge!

It's been a busy (happy) day in the barn,
and the day isn't over yet.


Kelly or Alex said...

What a handsome boy. Finn's sons have huge horn buds. Nice solid lambs. We are still waiting on Cierra. We keep looking. She just stares at us like. "What?"

Terri said...

Cierra will probably deliver when you least expect it. Stella's daughters and granddaughters all seem to be easy lambers. Can't wait to hear what she has.