Monday, August 31, 2009

Belle, the Nurturer

A funny thing happened this weekend. My daughter and I were away from the farm on Saturday, leaving my husband to tend the flock. We've had a little ram lamb that has been on his death bed practically all summer, but was so bad, he couldn't even make it out to the pasture with the rest of the flock. Our great Pyr realized how poor he was feeling, and layed by him all day. Finally, she decided that she had better go check out the rest of the flock, out in the waterway about a half mile away. Eventually, she came trotting back to he farm, my husband was working in the lower gardens. She was so happy, came right up to him, and brought him 3 baby bunnies, all alive! I told him that she was looking out for him. She knew I was gone, and realized that he couldn't cook for himself! When she saw that he didn't care for the bunnies, she chowed down on them herself! Then, she went back to sitting with the ram lamb.

This ram lamb, Gentry, is hanging in there. I've had him on Naxcel, but am waiting on a dose of Draxxin from my vet. This is a wonderful single dose treatment for pneumonia, when naxcel fails. I used it this past winter on a mature ram, and it worked wonders.

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