Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ram Lambs for Sale! Grady

Grady RBR110W, born 4/12/09
Sale $350
Black solid single
AI lines include: Laekur, Bambi, Hnykill, Morro, Ari & Biskup
Saddleback also in his pedigree!

Grady is exceptional! He placed top in his class at the fair this year, with his super long muscular body frame and gorgeous non fading curly wool. Most black lambs have fleeces that sunburn, but not his! So far, no signs of silvering either. His horns are heavy and wide. You can't go wrong with this outstanding ram. If will join our fall breeding lineup if he fails to sell.

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kenleighacres said...

I definitely don't need an Icelandic ram, but these two boys are stunning.