Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Autumn Days

What beautiful autumn days! With highs in the lower 70's and lows around 50, it doesn't get much better than this.
Pastures are still rebounding, with our frequent rains.
The sheep can sense that winter is coming, and are eager to go out to new paddocks.
The fields of corn around us are beginning to ripen.

Stella (our oldest ewe born in 2002) with 2 of her her triplet girls
from 2006, Drea and Delphine. Finn is looking better every day, with his perfect horns,
muscular frame, and silky white fleece.
I hope he keeps his calm demeanor.

Another photo of Stella with her twin daughter Ella from 2007.
I love Ella's non-silvering black fleece.

Echo is looking nice as well. He is such a calm ram.
We'll use him again this fall,
then hopefully he can go to a new home.

Here is Echo grazing with his son Fable, grazing amidst the golden fields of corn. Fudge with a group of ram lambs.

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Kelly or Alex said...

When you decide to find Echo a home please keep us in mind. Alex is away today looking at a ram that we are possibly going to borrow this season. Next season we will have 7 ewes to breed. We are looking for a ram to purchase. Just starting out here but having a great time with the process. The fields of corn are beautiful. I love the cooler weather too. My kind of days.