Friday, August 13, 2010

You know you're a shepherd if....

We have subscribed to "The Shepherd" magazine for years, and place an ad in the Breeders Listing every year. I enjoy the magazine and learn something new from each issue. Wish they had a website, though!

This issue had an article called "You Know you're a Shepherd if" with some great anecdotes. Here's a few of them that stand true on our farm:

You Know You're A Shepherd If....

Your backyard privacy fence is electronet.

Your wife shakes a bucket to call the family to dinner.

Dinner leftovers and sheep meds intermingle freely in your refrigerator.

You own every flashlight invented in the last 20 years, but none with a live battery.

When you enter any large open building, your first thought is, how much hay will it hold?

Your baby monitor is hooked up in the barn.

You like the smell of wet wool.

Your favorite sandwich is a Greek gyro, your veggies come on a kabob and you love real Roquefort cheese.

Your favorite Bible verse is the 23rd Psalm and you drift off to sleep peacefully each night in green pastures beside still waters.
It's still hotter than Hades here. Poor Delilah rests her head on a tree and wonders just how much more she can endure....
Finn stretches out on his side to keep cool. It reminds me of the 60's when my mom put those hard curlers in my hair and expected me to be able to sleep. How uncomfortable! How can a ram with wide horns rest on his side? Looking forward to cooler weather next week!


The Farm at Morrison Corner said...

AAAK! I"m having ram lust. LOVE those horns!

Marie said...

I love those!! That pretty well sums me up! LOL!!
What an odd postition for Finn. He does not look comforable at all!
We are suppose to cool down for a couple of days, I hope it makes it to you as well.