Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thunder is here!

We add a new ram to our flock almost every year. This year we are getting two! My husband picked up our first new ram over the weekend. Thunder SRX 917T, a moorit grey Icelandic ram, bred by the late Susan Briggs of Tongue River farm. She used him on her ewes, so I knew he would be something special. Hedgeapple farm in Iowa bought him in 2008, and Lorraine was kind enough to share him with me. He is in a dark area of the barn with Fennel's ram lamb for company, so the photos aren't the best. He is very calm and easy to work with. Horns are clearing his face at 3 years old. Nice long frame. His fleece isn't as soft as Finn's, which doesn't surprise me. The white sheep tend to have softer fleeces. I can't give him a complete evaluation until he's shorn. Those long fleece can hide many faults, though I don't expect to find any with this handsome ram! He will be a wonderful asset to our flock.


Chai Chai said...

Wow, Handsome Ram.

Shannon said...

Congrats - he sounds like a wonderful addition!

Marie said...

What a wonderful ram!! I really like his color and love those horns!! Can't wait to see the second new ram!

Moms90 said...

He's beautiful! I purchased horns from Susan Briggs of Tongue River Farm. She was so nice and full of information.