Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just trying to keep cool....

It's been a HOT summer. With the frequent rains and humidity, our heat index hovers around 90-100 degrees. We all do what we can to keep cool. The ducks, of course, spend their days in the creek. This Muscovy momma has hatched over 30 ducklings this summer!
Olivia, our bi-blue Sheltie stays cool
by attacking the sprinkler.

Halla, our lovely homozygous ewe out of Dalla
The sheep stay cool by hanging out close to the creek. Beautiful Claire
The water is refreshing and cool.
Ginseng, growing out so nicely!
But, if the sheep want to eat, they have to go out and graze. They are up and out early. By ten o'clock, they are lounging in the shade.

handsome Grady
I spend a lot of time hauling buckets of cold water to their lounging areas. When it's hot, they get lazy and don't want to go out into the heat for a drink. Now that they are growing out a heavy coat of wool, I can understand that.
Gardenia and the ewes
It's mid July, time to get the lambs weaned. Some of the mothers do that on their own. Some love their babies just a little too much.
Pastures have held up well, with all of the rain. We really need to get some hay into the barn for winter.
Fable, with his beautiful wide horns
The rams we have now are so mellow. I like that in a ram.
Salem, Claire, Stella and flock coming in for the night.
We still haven't gotten our llama sheared.
That is on the "to do" list for July.
Grazing, grazing, grazing...that's what summer is all about.


Marie said...

All the fleece colors in the pastures looks great!

Adam said...

Some great photos! Here in DC we have the heat, but little rain. The fields are all dry.
Your animals all look so happy and well taken care of. Stay cool!

Chai Chai said...

Amazing that border collies are the same everywhere - and sprinklers are very afraid!

I so wish we had a stream, it has to make your chores a lot easier.

Your flock is so colorful and nice looking.

Terri said...

Olive is actually a Sheltie, but similar in their love for water!

Brenda Courtney Larson said...

Hi Terri,
How did you find my blog?
I love your Icelandics. 3 of mine are originally from Susan's flock (my lovely ram and 2 of the girls). The others were bred from her stock. I am considering the purchase of an additional ewe (a black ewe) before breeding season.

Terri said...

I'm always on the lookout for other Icelandic breeders with blogs! It's a good way to pick up some new ideas.
I have a customer from Missouri coming out in October to pick up a starter flock. We still have a number of nice ewes available. Maybe she would have room on her trailer. We are trying to downsize a bit.
I will look forward to more photos of your sheep on your blog. It sounds like you've got some very nice ones!