Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got Sheep?

Just the mention of sheep makes my bi-blue Sheltie crazy.
Olive, what a sheep lover!


Chai Chai said...

When I saw you dog attacking the sprinkler I assumed it was a Border Collie - what a beautiful Sheltie!

A quick question if you don't mind, Do your sheep have free access to baking soda? Would it be helpful or possibly harmful?

We just had some sheep delivered and are wondering if it would be helpful to them to help stabilize their stomachs.

Terri said...

Some breeders keep baking soda out for their sheep. It is especially helpful in the spring, with lush pastures. It helps with bloat. Good luck with your new sheep!

Chai Chai said...

Thank you!

Chai Chai said...

Terri, Thanks for stopping by our blog. To answer your question we got the sheep from Ronda at Greener Pastures Farm. They are a breed that she developed by crossing Icelandic's and Soay. Smaller than pure Icelandic's, with wool that self sheds, and larger than Soay so that they can be harvested for meat without carrying them over the winter. Their smaller size compared to Icelandic's is supposed to make them easier to handle for newbies. I so wanted Icelandic's but didn't think we could handle them yet.