Monday, May 3, 2010

A Saturday Surprise!

Since we were officially done lambing, I decided to sleep in a little on Saturday morning. Got up, had a couple cups of coffee, and decided to take a walk out to the pasture to check on everyone. Look what I found! Glimmer with a little 6 lb. black/grey ram lamb!
I had suspected that she was pregnant for the past month. She had that poochy rear end that just says "I'm pregnant". Then, we sheared her a few days ago, and she had no udder. Zero, zilch, zip. She didn't even look that round. I was relieved.
Well, now I'm relieved that she had him OK. I've begun supplementing her with some extra feed to hopefully get that udder producing more milk. The little guy is warm and vigorous, so she must be doing OK with him.
So now, yes, I believe we are done lambing!
(Do you hear that, girls??)


Farmhand said...

Wow! That must have been a surprise and a good surprise. What will you be focusing your energy on now that all the lambs are born?

Terri said...

Now I'll be trying to keep them alive--ha ha...and getting our vegetable garden planted, and update our website, and skirt more fleeces, and, and, and.....

Farmhand said...

There's always more to do. : ) Hopefully, you'll find some time to relax too.

katiegirl said...

What a nice surprise!!

And the ram in your banner pic has the most gorgeous horns!