Friday, May 7, 2010

Party time!

Look what the UPS man brought me today!
Two of my favorite things!
The yarn is some of my Icelandic that I had Stonehedge spin for me. They always do a fabulous job. The oatmeal and creamy white yarns are loosely spun 2 ply done up in (aprox.) 4 oz. skeins/125 yd. per skein. The rich moorit brown is also a 2 ply but in a sport weight skein of 225 yd./3 oz. So nice! I also received 3 colors of roving from them last week, black/grey, (very) black, and moorit brown.
Now, for some sheep pics:

Fellicia's little black ewes Helen & Helena. We have SO MANY black lambs this year. I've always loved black sheep,
and now our fields are overflowing with them!

Evra, and her badgerface twins (ram & ewe).

The girls love when I open the gate and they can forage in the woods. I sometimes wonder how they manage to find their way home, especially with those young lambs.

Although Charlotte has already twinned, she looks like she could have a couple more in there. (I'm glad she didn't)

Delphine's 3 white triplets, 2 ewes and a ram.
They have the pinkest noses and ears!


Marie said...

Beautiful yarns!!! And beautiful lambs. I really like the two black ewe lambs, but they are all adorable!!
I just love when you post on your blog!

Brian and Renee said...

These little ones are so adorable and we are due for another trip up there so I can love on all the babies! Miss you guys!

Terri said...

We will miss you guys this weekend. Too bad we don't all live a little closer together! Mom is here and enjoying the lambs, but not this 90 degree weather! Where did this come from? Hot unhappy sheep = hot unhappy shepherd! Pray for cool weather!