Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Update......

Claire's handsome moorit ram
My son is graduating from Newman Central Catholic this week! My baby! So, I am busy getting ready for out of town guests, getting the farm ready for a big party on Friday, as well as keeping the sheep happy and healthy, gardens planted, mulched and weeded, house cleaned,
oh the list goes on and on! Glimmer's sweet black grey ram

This time of year, we move the sheep constantly. They are fat and happy with all of the lush spring pasture.

Handsome Harvey--sold!
Lambs are growing,
some nearly as big as their mommas.

Handsome Haydn, meaty boy with heavy, heavy horns
We spend as much time as we can, taming the ewe lambs. Many are calm and adorable. Who cares about a clean house when you have sweet lambs to spend time with?

Stella's triplet girl, sweet and friendly with the silkiest fleece ever!


Chai Chai said...

Your sheep are beautiful, but I can't help but envy your lush pasture grass!

The horns on those boys are going to be fearsome.

Enjoy your son's graduation. A Catholic school education is so worth the costs, especially considering many of the lessons last a lifetime.

Terri said...

Thank you! The lush pastures can be deceiving. They look good, but with all of the rain, they don't have a lot of nutritional value. My ewes look big and fat when they come off pasture in the evening, but they are still craving nutrition. I've been giving them a little hay, which fits the bill.