Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small miracles

I was sad when I thought that Fionna, my largest 2 year old ewe, lost her lambs this winter due to a miscarriage. Imagine my surprise this spring when she developed an udder full of milk and a round tummy! Today, she finally had her lamb,
an 8 lb. moorit grey ram!
Sire is Finn.
Spring is really here, the gardens are in full bloom, and so is the lawn! Here are some of our bluebells.

Can you see Belle, peaking at me from in the barn?
I love this crab apple tree on the north side of our barn. I bought it as a tiny forlorn little twig of a plant in the reduced section at Smith & Hawken in Chicago. It has beautiful, delicate shell pink blooms with a heavenly scent, and sets on tons of tiny red crab apples.

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Kelly or Alex said...

What a beautiful lamb. Spring is here but not quite in full splendor. I love the green pastures. Anytime Bell would like to come play at our farm just let us know. I knew we had room for her in the back of the truck with the sheep!