Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Icelandic Sheep cross the Bridge of Peril

It has taken awhile, but now the sheep can't wait to "cross to the other side"...the bridge of peril! yes, my husband is a Monty Python fan. Here is the original Bridge of Peril...

Stella, our oldest ewe still won't cross. She hangs on the other side with Salem our llama. The other 60 or so bound across eagerly! What a bunch of gluttons.

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Kelly or Alex said...

We are just getting aquainted with our ewes and are in love with them. I think your llama Salem is beautiful. We are looking forward to getting Fuzzy (4 yr female) soon. Thank you for the information on your blog. We will be using the garlic barrier too. We are in the midst of building a free feed mineral and kelp feeder. This is so exciting.