Saturday, June 20, 2009

Duckling update

We decided to round up the first batch of hatched ducklings to raise ourselves. In the past, we've let the mothers raise them, and typically lose 80% of the hatch. We gathered up the 40 or so ducklings, and put them in the barn with a heat lamp, food and water. That worked out fine, except for the fact that our turkey was sitting on a nest in the same area. She saw those ducklings and decided to heck with those eggs! I'll take care of those ducklings. And, so it goes.She's a good momma, and they range far and wide, eating all of the bugs in the lawn and gardens. We give them a little cracked corn, which they adore. I guess we'll be eating duck for Thanksgiving instead of turkey!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! That is a lot of ducklings for one mama. What type of ducks do you raise?

Terri and Randy Carlson said...

These were ducklings from several mommas. Thirty or so are muscovies, and the others are pekin/cayuga crosses. I can hardly believe how well they are doing! They are just huge. Raising ducklings away from their mommas are definetly a good thing! Their mommas are now all setting on new nests, so we'll have more ducklings soon.