Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunflower Houses

Whether you have kids or not, Sunflower Houses is a wonderfully whimsical book to add to your garden library. The illustrations are sweet and sentimental. Who knew there were ballerinas (or princesses) hidden inside bleeding hearts? "If you gently fold back the hoop skirt of the bleeding heart, inside you will find "princess "Di" Centra". Try it! This is a view of springs past, gardens in the front and Pomeranian geese.
Dalla and her twins Glade & Glimmer,
settling down for a nap in the cool grass.

Esther's ewes Gretta and Grettle

Glade (for sale), the ram and Glimmer, his sister.
Both are black grey spotted.
Gulliver & Griffen, heading into the barn.
French lilacs blooming around the chicken yard.

Grex, a moorit grey ram lamb (for sale)

Seashell pink peony

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tonya fedders said...

well.. who knew? about the ballerina in the bleeding heart. That is really neat. Beautiful peony! The peony itself looks like a watercolor painting! It would be a beautiful picture to frame and hang on the wall. Adorable lambs too.