Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My little orphans seem to be doing OK. I put them into a lambing jug and gave them a mixture of lamb pellets, kelp, and soybean meal. They really like this. I also gave them some hay and a salad mixture of fresh greens, which they also ate well. I've been trying to adapt them to a bottle, many times a day. They seem to like the milk, but can't decide if they should suck on the nipple or chew it, still. I will keep working on this, and hopefully in a couple of days, we will figure it out.

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tonya fedders said...

I missed the post on Abigail - and wondered where the orphans came from? I'm so sorry to hear about your Abigail. And what a tough time to lose a mama. We have been supplementing a bottle feeding 2 x a day with our last two lambs and they seem to be having the same trouble with the bottle. Good luck with the little ones - they look like they had a really good start.