Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is it Really 2011?

Just yesterday, we were enjoying a long warm fall.
Now its January 2011. What happened?
Belle is back to her old self, barking all night, sleeping all day.

Frosty winter days have been beautiful!

Breeding groups have been set up, and already disbanned.

Thunder SRX 917T --can't wait to see his lambs this spring!
Ewes on a frosty morning.

Another new ram to our farm, Grendle TCE 561W.

Finn & Fable

Some of Thunder's ewes.

Harmony and Snowflake, our Sebastopol goose pet.

Happy New Year
from Red Brick Road Farm!


Marie said...

What beautiful pictures!! We have had so little snow here. It has been a more typical Kansas winter. I do miss all the white from last year. But I sure don't miss the mud!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful winter wonderland! Your photos are so pretty. Happy New Year to you too!

Kelly said...

The sheep look healthy and happy in their wool coats. I was really worried about having just the shelter for the sheep this winter. Now I am kind of happy that we couldn't shear this fall. Now they have full fleece. The frosty trees are beautiful. Happy New Year! How is Bells foot?

katiegirl said...

That tree pic (third from bottom) is breathtaking! Happy New Year to you and your flock!

tonya said...

Terri, Your pictures are so beautiful. If I had scenes around here like that, I'd be getting my paintbrushes out! I think the picture of the goose and sheep is one that should be on a canvas - as Thunder with the ewes in front of the white building would be a beautiful painting too! Your sheep are so beautiful. I have had a couple of calls in the past few months of people looking for sheep (that we didn't have.. colored sheep, we only had white ones for sale at the time) Anyways, I hope you don't mind that i have been passing your name on to them.. I didn't know what you had for sale, but knew they couldn't go wrong with your sheep! I hope you have a great 2011! (ps.loved the shearing pics too!)

Michelle said...

Georgeous photographs! I dream of having a farm someday!

Moms90 said...

Terri, they carry their horns so majesticly!!! Beautiful.