Friday, October 29, 2010

Visions of Fleeces

Lovely Gardenia, in the cool evening.
Summer has turned to Autumn, and that means colorful winter squash, apples to pick, and beautiful fall fleeces. Autumn in all it's glory. A picture says a thousand words, so, enjoy the beautiful sheep!
Matriarch, Stella.Salem, watching the flock.Beautiful FayeGodiva, waiting for a treat! I love how the sheep lick their lips when it's time for dinner!Handsome Fable.Dalla, our leader ewe.Finn & ThunderLovely Claire-BearHer sister Charlotte, my fave!Ewes in the evening.Rams in the morning pasture.Ewes in the afternoon.
We are all enjoying the cool fall temps!


Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!
Beautiful sheep!!

Kelly said...

Your sheep look beautiful. Lovely fleece and happy sheep. We decided not to shear this fall. We now have shears. Class in the spring. Better prepared. Shearers in our area leave a lot to be desired. Actually the really stink. No shows, poor quality work. We can't do any worse and we care about the sheep.