Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

( I began this post on Sat. morning, but have been too busy to post it)
Mornings like this is the reason I no longer breed ewe lambs. This past fall, Grady broke into our non-breeding ewe lamb pen twice, so I have several unplanned breedings.

My favorite ewe lamb Garland happened to be one of those little floozy girls who got bred. She was a big girl, so I hoped everything would be alright.

At 6 this morning, I found her in labor. I sat in the barnyard drinking coffee, and watched her. She wasn't progressing, so I had my husband hold her while I went in a checked for the lamb's presentation. Two legs forward with the head turned back. Way back. UGH!! The worst.
We finally ended up turning the lamb around and pulling it breech (dead). My husband had to euthanize the ewe. Her uterus was ruptured and she was spilling out her intestines. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I still can't get the image out of my mind.

Fennel saved the day, with a beautiful set of black twins. Thank God!

That evening, another one of our ewe lambs went into labor. Ginger had a big black ram lamb on her own, Grady is the sire. She's one of my crazy girls. She's a good momma, though.

Monday, my bottle ewe from 2009 (Godiva) had a little (6.5 lb.) ewe on her own. So nice to see these ewe lambs as good mothers.

Later that day, Garnet, Claire's ewe lamb had a 7.5 ewe lamb. She is also doing a great job, caring for her new baby.

This morning, Folly went into labor, and produced a pair of teeny tiny little lambs, both 3.5 lb. a moorit grey ram and a white ewe. Even though they are small, they are feisty! and so cute.

Delphine finally lambed today. She went into the lambing jug this morning, and Stella her momma (along with her white triplets) joined her in the barn. Just like her momma Stella, she produced 3 big white lambs, an 8 lb. ram, and 8 lb. ewe and and 9 lb. ewe. All doing well, and Delphine will be a good momma.

Today was my daughter's 17th birthday! She is one life's best blessings.

More lambing to come. Boy am I tired. I've taken lots of cute lamb pics, so hopefully I can get those posted soon. They are so adorable!


tonya fedders said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It's never easy, but when it's a favorite ewe, it just couldn't get any worse. My favorite ewe (and several others) is yet to deliver, and after reading your post, I think I'll check on the girls again before i turn in for the night. So sorry that you lost Garland.

Kelly or Alex said...

Oh Terri I am so sorry that the ewe had to be put down. I know that image will haunt you for a while. Thank God that there were so many happy images to help. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

katiegirl said...

So sorry to hear about Garland. What a shame. :(