Friday, April 2, 2010

Faye's ram

The birth of Faye's ram brought a much needed ray of sunshine to our otherwise dismal week. It wasn't an easy birth. Faye is a two winter ewe, but this was her first lamb. He was a big boy at 9.5 lb., and it was a struggle getting him out, but at least he was facing the right direction! Singles are nice, because they grow out so well, but they can be impossibly large at birth. A pair of 7 lb. lambs is so much easier on the the mother than a 10 lb. ram with large horn buds. This guy is a big chunk, much like his father Finn. He looks to be white with some spotting on his legs. We haven't decided on a name for him yet. Faye is a wonderful, attentive first time momma. Such a sweet sight.


Kelly or Alex said...

I'm glad that Faye and the ram are doing well. He looks like his daddy. He is a big boy. We are so sorry to hear about your week. It breaks my heart that you lost you ewe and ram lamb. I will research ketosis in sheep to know what to even look for. Emily and Archer are doing great. They are out in the pasture and seem to be having a great time with our warm weather. Fuzzy the llama thinks the lambs are a wonderful gift for her. She sniffs them and stays close to moms and lambs. Can't wait to see more pics of lambs.

kenleighacres said...

I agree that mid-sized twins are so much easier on the ewe than the gigantic singles. Glad mom and baby are doing well!