Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gala blues

Salem, our guard llama
We've been fighting the Gala/Mal ware virus
on our computer for the past 2 weeks.
It got so bad, we had to erase everything
and start all over with new software!
My husband the engineer thought it would be an interesting
challenge to fix it himself. Interesting? more like frustrating!
I think (hope) everything running fine now....

A photographer came out to visit us last September.
I had almost forgotten about it, until I received a CD
with beautiful photos that she took of some of our animals.
Handsome FinnThe ever-smiling DelphineFudge
How nice to see green grass and sheep with long flowing fleeces!


March is here! That means that lambing will start soon!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Fudge - the light is great! Sorry to hear about your computer woes - no fun!!! Glad you are back :)

tonya fedders said...

That is a gorgeous picture of your llama!!

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Terri,
How I long for the green grass of summer and the clean fleeces. Right now everyone has hay imbedded into their fleece and it looks nasty. Echo, Emily and Cierra are all doing well. Even with the nasty fleece they are beautiful. We get such nice comments on how pretty our sheep are. Echo doesn't find humor in being called beautiful but the girls love it. Happy Lambing.
Kelly and Alex