Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Winters Day

It's been so cold here! Power outages and a dead furnace have added a little more work to the daily chores. Belle knows how to stay warm, snuggle up in the sheep manger! What a brat she is. I've been working on some socks, some lovely yarn from
Blue Moon Fiber Arts I am the slowest knitter on the planet,
that's for sure.
Here is Ivan, modeling my socks. He feels tortured and unhappy about it. He will probably be an old man before they are finished. Oh, if only I could concentrate on my knitting! Why can't I be a better knitter? I love to spin, and I guess that's just my thing. I do need to work on my knitting, though.
Have you ever seen the movie Fargo? That's what the scenery looks like, the field south of our farm. Bleak, bleak, bleak!!! I will have to look at this for another 4 months! At least I can look forward to lambing season. I have a lot of sheep paperwork to keep me busy in the upcoming months.
Plus, the never ending task of home improvements. A view of our creek. It's been a strange winter season. The creek is usually frozen by now, and we are skating.
We had a lovely visit from the girls from Mainely Ewes Farm in Maine. I'm so in awe of them! What determination, what vision, do they ever sleep? I don't think so. I want to live life with such joy and reckless abandon. Isn't that what it's all about?
Kudos to the girls at Mainely Ewes Farm!

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Kelly or Alex said...

I think Belle has it all figured out! I love the socks on Ivan. I am working on a deal with one of the nurses I work with. I will give her soap if she will teach me to knit socks. LOL. Did you guys ever get your furnace working? I hope so with the temps and snow that you got. Take care and keep warm.
Kelly and Alex