Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Icelandic Ram Game

Doesn't this look like fun? Even if you don't want to actually play the game, it would be a great reference for AI Icelandic rams. It has just become available online through "Shop Icelandic"

I ordered a set today. Of course while I was at it, I had to browse through the other items. I found this cute Icelandic sheep, which is supposed to be some sort of cell phone decoration. I think she looks rather mischievous, don't you?


tonya fedders said...

Yes, the game looks very interesting! I'm going to have to check out that link! The charm is adorable :)

Hannes J. said...

Thank you for the above post Terri Carlson and we hope that you'll like your order... Just wanted to remind you all to use our opening offer Coupon Code number 853941. Best regards, Shopicelandic Team! (www. :o)

Kelly or Alex said...

What a great idea for gifts too. I can't wait to order the card. I know someone who would love to have a deck. Hope all is well. Everyone here is fine. Cierra, Emily and Echo are doing well. They have really gotten into the scheme of things. Hay in morning, hay at night with a little taste of grain in the morn. Whe I say taste, that is all they get. Greedy sheep don't like to share. Not too bad. Take care.

Hannes J. said...

Little more from Iceland: We just got hold on few packs of older version of The Icelandic Ram Game: Year 2006-2007, if anyone is interested. ;) On special offer online at
Thank you all! Best regards,
Shopicelandic team!
ps. Your winter photos from your farm in the above posts are awesome!