Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ready or not...

Winter is here!! Our first storm of the season blew through this week, bringing us freezing rain, sleet, heavy snow, and wind chills of 20 below zero! My Shetland sheepdogs long to go out and romp in it.
They are in and out, in and out throughout the day. The windows in our old farmhouse, each a frosty masterpiece.Rams and ewes have been separated, which will make winter chores much easier. We had 6 separate pens, and we're down to three. These little rammies will be going to the butcher soon.
I hate the thought of that,
but just how many rams does a person need?

Two year old Elodie and her daughter Fionna,
two of my most easy going girls.Handsome FableHappy Deidra Fuzzy Belle
It's amazing how well the outdoor animals adapt to such weather swings. As long as there is plenty to eat and drink, and a warm bed of straw, everyone is content and settled in
for the long winter ahead.

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