Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ride Bikes, Save the Earth

A young couple, Becky and Darren, contacted us earlier this summer. They were riding their bikes across the U.S., stopping at small family farms along the way, wondering if they could visit us. They had a website and blog, and guess what? They were acrobats for Cirque de Soleil!!!! I wondered what they would think of our little farm. They finally arrived on Saturday afternoon. What a fascinating couple, and some of the best house guests one could ask for. We wandered around, looking at the old farm buildings, gardens and animals. Even though they had traveled the world, they were more interested in talking and learning about us! They filmed their visit, and may do some sort of documentary. After a dinner on the deck of lamb stew, Becky was eager to learn to spin. We started out with spindles, then moved to spinning on the wheel. We all laughed and talked late into the evening. They were up early Sunday morning, ready for the day.
I didn't envy them at all, and their ride through Chicago.
You can read their "mission statement" here.
Here's what they looked like in costume
when they performed in the Cirque de Soleil KA show:


Brian and Renee said...

Hi Guys,
How exciting and wonderful to have such delightful company. I know they loved it since we always enjoy our visits with you guys. I'm sure she loved all the sheep and he enjoyed you fabulous cooking. Thanks for sharing and it will be fun to read some of their blog! Love you guys lots and Brian says hi from Afghanistan

Becky said...

Hi Terry and Randy!
YES WE LOVED IT!!! We had a wonderful time with you and you were amazing hosts!! My spinning needs a little work, but I thank you for my first lesson ever. Our entire trip was incredible, thanks to people like you! We look forward to meeting up with you again, one day!